Northern Harrier (Circus cyaneus) Male and female Northern Harriers are distinctly different in coloring. The male is a striking gray; females a reddish brown. Harriers ad sexually dimorphic — males differ not only in coloring, but also size; they are smaller than females. Juvenile males and females, and even adult females, can be difficult to distinguish. Some folks refer to the adult males as the “Gray Ghost.” They hunt by gliding low to the ground over fields for prey. In their environment, male Harriers can be difficult to see. You can sit and watch, wait, and not see them until the last minute, and then there they are right in front of you. This makes it more difficult to photograph. A challenge to photograph and always a pleasure to see and watch. Sometimes, I am so taken by their presence that I almost forget to raise the camera. One of my favorite birds to photograph.