Dave's BOD Photo

Like so many others of my generation, my first camera was a Kodak Brownie. I was captivated by the magic of capturing events and, with saved allowance, able to have prints made and visually relive the experience. During college while wondering what to make of myself, I took my first photography class. Although an introductory course, I found myself spending hours in the darkroom held hostage by the magic of light, paper and chemicals. Time and endless packages and boxes of paper floated away. As the years past, careers and family became a focus, but he pull of photography remained. The darkroom long in the past, the digital world provided a willing replacement.

My interests lay in creating fine art with a photographic image. Arguments have been made regarding the digital age and the ability to alter photographs from exactly that, which was imbedded on camera sensors. Regardless of individual views, unless one is a criminalistics or journalistic photography, photography is, and becomes, the interpretation of the photographer. Photography provides, in the end, an ability to paint with light. Each person sees the world through different lenses of perception. My photography represents the world as I interpret it through the photographic medium represented as art. If you enjoy my view, my interpretation, my presentation; welcome, I hope you enjoy the world, its views, panoramas, and inhabitants as I interpret and present them.

 Fluer_de_Lis (Drop Shadow)