Amputee copy

I have carefully considered posting this photograph ever since it was taken. The individual, blank plaza, and unknown circumstances have always been haunting. Photographs should prompt as many questions as the image answers. The pensive determination of the the gentleman’s gaze is, perhaps, the first component of the photograph to initiate questions. I possess questions of my own generated by this photograph. I leave the photograph to you to notice the obvious answers, the obvious components — those are easy, on the surface. The more I examine and ponder the questions raised, the deeper the questions delve — where do the they begin, where do they end? I leave to you the questions buried deep in the image — swirling, endless, circular, intriguing. What questions are raised in your mind? For each question there is an answer, but the questions can never really be answered merely by the photograph. Consider life through eyes of this individual; consider his thoughts. Seek the questions…

Fluer_de_Lis (Drop Shadow)