If you are reading this, it just might be that you wandered over here after my recent FaceBook post. I wish things were different. I will most likely lose contact with some folks. Anyway, I’m over here and this really is a better platform graphically — although, I suppose, big pages are considered “old-school.”

A couple of year ago, I headed to the northeast Nevada desert in search of Sage Grouse Leks. Unfortunately, I did not find any Leks. Leks, if you are not aware, are the breeding display grounds for Sage Grouse. Males display and strut about, some launching attacks on other males. Females sit on the sidelines and select the male they want to breed with — keeps the best of genetics in the flock. The only thing a found of interest was this skull of a Desert Big-horned sheep. Life is tough in the desert: not a lot of water, food is scarce, and predators wander about, including humans. Kind of how I felt recently after a stroll through FaceBook.