Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides) Yesterday proved to be an excellent day to spend in the higher country at elevations in excess of 10,000 feet. Temperatures were moderate and pleasant, but locating birds proved to be more difficult than anticipated. The mountains were awash with fall colors — the gold and flame-like appearance of Quaking Aspens illuminating in the sun was extraordinary. As the day, and traveling to find suitable and apparently absent subjects passed, a flock of Mountain Bluebirds was located in a montane area with an apparent abundance of food — there were too many birds to count. The next hour was spent watching and waiting for one to come close enough to provide a decent photograph. Research indicates this is most likely a typical post-breeding migratory flock. They may move up and down the environment in search of available food sources prior to migration. This particular bird is apparently a female. There were many male Bluebirds in the flock, but none came close enough to be photographed. While not possessing the rich cerulean to methyl to cobalt blue of male Mountain Bluebird, she is still spectacular in appearance, especially with the ethereal backlit primaries.