Sunrise - Cresthaven, Maitland, NS


In September 2013, my wife and I visited Nova Scotia, Canada. My wife has wanted to see the Bay of Fundy ever since she saw a special on the Bay on the Discovery Channel. So off we went. It just so happens that my grandfather immigrated from Nova Scotia over a century ago. During our trip, we decided to visit Arichat, his home town, on Cape Breton Island. Arichat is located on  a small section of Cape Breton — Isle Madame. As often happens when traveling the unexpected occurs. And on this trip, things took an unusual turn. We found that I still had relatives living in Arichat. We found them and visited, finding them to be very delightful folks, and the oldest living relatives I have in Canada. After returning home, I had misplaced their address and have searched for it ever since. Well, I found the address a very short time ago, and sent them a letter. After the letter had been delivered, I was contacted by their daughters and so I have found more family in Canada. So to them, here is a photograph of the bay by Lower Arichat Road.

Fluer_de_Lis (Drop Shadow)