images-2Over the last few weeks, my site, or sites,  have been in develop to bring different and dispirit web content into one location. I would     really like to say this has been a pleasant experience, but the days and weeks have been fraught with frustration, anxiety and a reduced follicle count; I can honestly say that it has not been the most pleasant of experiences. I should have anticipated as such; it seems that anything billed as simple, a few clicks of the mouse and voila a successful launch, should be taken with skepticism. Never having really built a website and previously having relied on “ready-made” offerings that were quite easy to negotiate and apply content, I wasn’t ready for the sinking feeling of being lost in the forest of cyber code and unfamiliar funciton. Self hosting turned out to be an animal the likes of which I have not previously experienced.

Hours upon hours spent trying to wrestle menus into submission were rapidly becoming futile — I was ready to trash what progress I had made and return to comfortable ground. If not for a really great support tech at Go Daddy named Joey, who took pity on my plight, I would still be here with a site that was not ready for prime time or most likely returned to previous configurations — a pesky little toggle that I had unwittingly activated and told to do something else was causing the difficulty. Nevertheless, I am up and running, with the exception of the offering of Limited Edition prints on the site. This will be available in the coming days.

As I learn more about the underlying engine that drives the site, you may notice changes, some subtle, some additional, all which I feel provide a better offering. However, in the end (I now understand that there will be no end) the experience has been satisfying and provided a sense of accomplishment — the accomplishment of being successful after engaging something beyond current capabilities and the struggle of climbing a steep learning curve. So, at the moment I am satisfied. Satisfaction however, wanes and is temperary…there will always be more and other elements to tackle.

So, to those who have stuck with me and those who have found this sight…WELCOME!